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2016 Q&A-Awards

We expect a lot of questions in this inaugural season. Add your question regarding the Awards (protocol and categories)┬áin the comment section. We’ll moderate them. So, it may take a few days for the question and answer to show up.


  1. 1. what exactly are we supposed to do with social media any thing specific that we need to do

    • In short, be creative. We’ll be looking for diversity of activity, numbers of “impressions,” quality of impact, relevance, etc. It’s up to you to document it all…what you did and how many people were impacted.

  2. Are we only allowed to use phones, tablets, and laptops for controls or can we use other things?

    • Human interface needs to be a touch screen or a keyboard.

      • So we can purchase any type of keyboard to use for human interface?

        • Please don’t buy anything…surely your team/school has some device with a screen and bluetooth/wi-fi capability?

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