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2016 Q&A-Game Rules

We expect a lot of questions in this inaugural season. Add your question regarding the Game Rules in the comment section. We’ll moderate them. So, it may take a few days for the question and answer to show up.


  1. 14. What indicator do we use for the Resistor Robot? Do we choose or is there a specific one we need?

    • We do not specify. You’ll be looking for something to display a value between 1 and 100. Preferably, you’ll be able to show one or two decimals of precision. You may use a display device from the kit list or, theoretically, create your own (e.g. use a servo arm as the needle on a gauge).

  2. 13. Where is the “Inspect” tool in Fusion?

    • It’s the icon that looks like a ruler in this picture (and, and has “INSPECT” over it)

  3. 12. what are the dimensions of the indentation in the volume knob?

    • You’ll need to use the inspect tool in the Fusion 360 model to determine dimensions.

  4. 11. where are the measurements on the game floor model?

    • You need to use the “inspect” tool in Fusion. A lot of the measurements are in the sketches. You might want to explore the “Drawing” work space eventually. If you produce drawings, please share them with the rest of the teams.

  5. 10.If we have 6 robots, do they all have to fit in the 2′ by 2′ starting area all at once, or do they each individually have to fit in the size limit?

    • per section 2.5.1…The swarm collective needs to fit int he 2’x2’x2′ starting area. Each individual is further constrained to a maximum of 12″x12″x18″

  6. 9. Will the good capacitor be the same for each group or will it be switched up each time a new team goes out? Thank you for answering!!!

    • Count on chaotic order of the good capacitor (on the ground). BTW you should also count on chaotic placement (and mix up) of the good and bad transistors.

  7. 8. So the robots in a swarm CAN’T touch each other at the start of the round? If not is there a space limit between robots?Thanks

    • Though a robot certainly appreciates it’s personal space as much as anybody, there is no minimal distance requirement. Let’s just say the space between them has to be visually verifiable. BTW, have you thought of creative uses for RATs that might let you start in some weird orientation until the bot just drives off?

  8. 7. For the Tesla Coil, what will the crank system look like and where is it? Also what are the measurements for the box that the Tesla Coil sits on?

    • see question 5. Check the Fusion model for dimensions. The box is 16″x16″ and approximately 12″ tall.

  9. 6. For the MIDI Player, is the audio jack the the black dot to the left of the the tuners? If not where is it? We appreciate you for taking time to answer our questions.

    • Yes, that is the audio jack. It is a standard audio stereo jack. We’ll get the appropriate part you’ll need onto the Kit list asap.

  10. 5:What position is the crank in on the inside of the tesla coil base?

    • Unfortunately, we’re still working on this. The crank will most likely be 3-4″ off the ground and somewhat similar to the boombox volume knob (round with a shaped key hole)

      • Do you know what shape the key hole will be? Will it be an arrow like in the boombox or a different shape?

        • Count on it being the same as the MIDI Player Volume knob.

          • Do we get any more information about the crank before the competition starts?

          • question #5 is still applicable.

  11. 3: There is not a listing for a 3.5mm Jack on the consumables/returnables list. Are we supposed to buy one separately?

    • Our oversight. We’ll get it on the list and stocked in the STEP store asap.

    • Follow up question, will there be batteries (AA and AAA) on the Consumables/Returnables list or do we buy that separately?

      • We’ve decided not to provide AA batteries. If you want good performance from an Arduino/shield combination, you’ll use two battery packs. You should have the 6-AA battery pack powering the microcontroller and a 7.2V battery powering your motors…and remove the PWR jumper from the shield. Put the removed jumper in an extremely secure place because it is tiny and we don’t want to lose it. Configured this way, the 6-AA battery pack will only be powering your logic and servos. Be nice to your servos (don’t keep them loaded) and your pack should last quite a while.

  12. 2: In the Game Floor Model, there is an indention shaped like an arrow [on the MIDI player volume knob]. Is it present on the actual course, or is it just for show?

    • The indention will be there (sharp tip may not be precise)

  13. 1. Is the boombox a fully functional one? Or is it just a interact-able model?

    • It is simply a model with the dimensions per the Fusion 360 model.

      • How are we supposed to play music to be recognized by Shazam on the boombox if it is just a model?

        • The jack is basically a microphone input to our sound system.

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