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Program Highlights

Brazos Robotics is a group of professionals in the Brazos Valley whose goal is to inspire kids using technology based programs. STEP Robotics Competition is just one piece of the puzzle…a really exciting piece.

School Administrators and Teachers Involved: 40
Organizers and Mentors: 25
Student Participants: *400+ (8-14 schools)
*School Participation includes students at all grade levels.

STEP Program Summary

  • Competition
    • Teams accumulate points throughout the circuit/season.
    • The design challenge evolves throughout the year to maintain student engagement.
    • Teams  enter the double elimination Circuit Final in either the winners or losers bracket.
    • Teams will be evaluated in multiple categories:
      • robot performance
      • technical communication (White papers, semi-formal presentations to younger audiences, conference-style research  paper)
      • STEM Impact (social media, online video presence, Circuit Final), and
      • simulated Product Marketing (branding via website development and online video presence).
  • Mini-invitational events characterized by:
    • 3 in late fall, 6 in early spring
    • 2-4 teams at each event
    • each team invited to 3-4 invitational events
    • 30-45 minute educational experience for the host school
    • 15-20 minute competition experience for teams
    • elementary schools are the primary target hosts. If necessary we’ll use evening venues, weekend venues, and schools’ home court.
  • Circuit Final and awards ceremony characterized by:
    • 3-hour event in early May
    • public venue.

Who can get involved? Anyone can help us reach more students: support the students as a mentor;  be a sponsor and provide financial resources of in-kind services; volunteer to serve on the organizing committee; coach one of the school teams; or help at one of the competition events.