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STEP has Swarm Robots

Posted by on Sep 18, 2016 in News | 0 comments

This is a REALLY Big Deal! Big Deal in the Future of Robotics Big Deal in Creative Options Big Deal in Impact and Access The Future… What is a robot swarm? It’s simply a collection of robots cooperating to accomplish a task. A swarm works together to do more than any individual could do by itself. However, the end capability isn’t capped by the “sum” of the individual robot capabilities. Synergy is possible in a robot swarm. Working together, the swarm can accomplish tasks that are completely beyond the design parameters of the individual robot! Ex. swarm capability equals sum of individuals Ex. swarm synergy The field of robotics is advancing on many fronts. The more popular fronts right now include humanoid robots and military applications. However, the swarm model is the bleeding edge of robotics research. Swarm is the next huge...

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A Giant STEP in New Directions

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Frontpage-Banners, News | 0 comments

Brazos Robotics now hosts STEP Robotics. [Register your team now] Our prior BEST programming was good, but STEP offers amazing new possibilities. Some of the things that distinguish STEP from other competitions: STEP is accessible Private Schools Public Schools Home School Groups Other Education-Focused Groups K-5 inclusion (unique competition venue that gets younger kids involved) Intentional computer programming element Volitional about educational Value (integrated Mobile Education Unit that delivers STEM content) Science (game theme, game play, and hypothesis testing in white papers) Time Frame scaled appropriately for expanded learning objectives (full year opportunities) Evolving design challenge in circuit competition Summer training and bridging programs Shareable resources across dispersed locations Scalable program (flexible venue, cost sharing, relatively low expert volunteer commitment) More information will be populated on on this site quickly. Keen an eye out. Subscribe so you don’t miss a...

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