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Best Kickoff EVER!

Best Kickoff EVER!

Nice turnout, people! Way to get the word out coaches! Many of us were really looking forward to ArcAttack helping us kickoff the season. And, they sure did deliver.

Dr. Wienen opened up with grateful accolades for faithful program sponsors Capsher, KBSI, and Hydraulic Works. They are a big part of why Brazos Robotics continues to expand programming and impact. He then challenged kids to look more sincerely at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Programming as career options. “We are all natural born scientists…it actually takes a lot of discipline to get kids to abandon their natural tendency to explore.” Regarding engineering, “life will always present new problems, we need creative problem solvers.” Regarding programmers, “if you really want to influence our future, influence what happens during screen time.” There were many young ears in the audience. Who knows what seeds might have been planted?

When ArcAttack took the stage, they completely owned it! The show began with methodical and brilliant suspense as the band played nonchalantly on traditional instruments. King Beat was intriguing, but we all sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the coils to come to life. When they finally did, it was…well electrifying. Seeing 500KV launch plasma streams across the stage is just something you have to see first hand. Video playback, just doesn’t do it justice. But this isn’t a one-trick pony. They unpacked a lot more toys…some made their debut on this very stage! What a privilege! Perhaps the most inspiring part of the show, however, is the unexpected technical issues that arose during the show. A few bugs did rear their heads for all to see. The kids were eye witness to how engineers face challenges every day. Equally, it proved that these guys are real and brought the audience one step closer to “hmm, maybe I could do this stuff.” Kudos to ArcAttack for handling the setbacks gracefully.

After the show there were a lot of ques20161003_192908tions…really good ones. That’s strong evidence for audience engagement. We are certainly on the right track. We ran out of time Way before we ran out of question. We’re sorry we had to turn so many away. Anyone could tell that some of the questions were very familiar to the band. But, there was more than our fair share of tough ones. You, know it’s a good one when the answer begins with “oh boy, umm, how do I put this into simple terms…”

Check out the final question and answer on the Mentors & Makers facebook page…it made most of us smile.

If you didn’t make it, then you might want to take a look at the event program. We kept it short and sweet.

Now, buckle up, the technical information is about to start flowing. Check our homepage regulary or like us on Facebook to get the information you need to stay competitive in this inaugural STEP Robotics season.


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