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General Timeline

The STEP season for any given team consists of a Kickoff, three Mini-Invitational events, and the STEP Circuit Final.

Kickoff Event

At Kickoff, the team will be briefed on the overall game theme, the general objectives for all three phases of the season,the general rules, the general objectives for phases two and three, and the specific rules/objectives for phase one (the 1st round of Mini-Invitationals). The consumable kit list and the return-item kit list will be made available. An overview of available training resources will also be given to teams.

The Kickoff event will be in the last week of September (26th-Oct 1st).

There will be several Kickoff venues scheduled for various times (Saturday morning and weekday evenings).


A Mini-Invitational consists of three matches. Only 3-4 teams will be scheduled to attend. Each match will last 5 minutes. If the Mini-Invitational is accompanied by the Mobile Education Unit, the matches will be run at the after  the MEU presentation. If a team is scheduled to make their oral presentation, then they will present before the matches are run.

Each team will need at least four kids on site at the host school for approximately 30 minutes. Teams using a robot “swarm” should bring two students per robot. All robots will be checked in the night before at Brazos Robotics headquarters. Brazos Robotics personnel will deliver the robots to the competition site to minimize the team burden.

Phase I

Three Mini-Invitationals during the 3rd week of November (14th-18th). Each team will attend one.

Phase II

Three Mini-Invitationals during the 3rd week of January(16th-20th). Each team will attend one.

Phase II

Three Mini-Invitationals during the 2nd week of March(6th-10th). Each team will attend one.


STEP Circuit Final

The Circuit Final is a ½ Day event on Saturday morning. It is primarily a robot showcase and awards ceremony. Only 10% of the STEP award points will be reserved for on site judging. Robots will be checked in the day before at the Brazos Robotics headquarters.


April 29th or May 6th (TBD)