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Registrations are accepted online at the link below.

Register Now

Who can register?

Any school with middle and/or high school aged students can register a team (one and only one team from any given school). This includes public, charter and private schools. Homeschool students may also join together to form a team. Every team needs a “coach” who takes on the logistical and administrative responsibilities for the team.

When should teams register?

Registration typically opens in April and closes a week before the Kickoff event. We generally pack one or two extra kits to accommodate last minute entries. So, shoot us an email if registration has already closed but you are really serious.

What is the required team size?

Ideally, a team will have at least 8-12 students to be able to address all categories in the competition. We’ll allow smaller teams, but things get really difficult below six students. Our largest teams run 80+ students. Though not all students on these mega-teams contribute equally, the shear numbers represent quite a resource to draw upon.